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My visit to Dr. Bridget at URBN Dental was initially for a standard bi-annual checkup. However, after my visit, I left feeling much more informed about the state of my dental health as well as techniques I could employ to ensure that I maintain a high level of dental hygiene. Dr. Bridget's office is situated in a convenient location of the River Oaks Shopping District with ample parking in the area. I had little trouble finding the office on the third floor of the building, due to the signage displayed at the top of the complex. Upon entering I was immediately warmly greeted by Julia at the front desk. After completing some standard paperwork, I was immediately led to my room by Cynthia, the dental assistant, who thoroughly explained the methodology and details of the cleaning. The X-ray process was one of the most extensive that I have experienced. However, it was also the least invasive and very efficient. After Cynthia had done an initial overview, Angela, the dental hygienist, came in and examined the X-rays and had a conversation with Cynthia regarding the status of my oral health. With past dentists, I have received praise for my dental hygiene. However, Angela informed me of specific areas that would require attention and taught me additional techniques that would allow me to maintain a high quality of oral health. Angela has a high attention for detail and was very extensive with her cleaning while maintaining an efficient pace. After the cleaning was complete, Dr. Bridget and Angela had a brief overview of my overall oral health, and I was then examined by Dr. Bridget. She noticed that I had significant wear on my teeth, and suggested that I wear a night guard to mitigate the grinding and clenching which would be detrimental to my long-term oral health. With the appointment completed, Julia came into the room and discussed the pricing of the appointment and answered any questions that I may have had. Overall, my appointment with Dr. Bridget was the most efficient, informative, and extensive dental examinations that I have ever had. It is clear that Dr. Bridget runs a clinic that cares about the patient, and is focused on providing the highest quality of care and treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Bridget for any dental needs.

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