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Adam Arria



I think the overall service was wonderful! I was able to be seen within two days of making online contact. They even emailed me almost right away in the morning after I had made the request online, and that was even after I made the request around 11:30 PM EST the previous day thinking I really would not get one until next week. It was even followed by a two-pronged reminder (one-emailed and the other text). I love when a company, especially in healthcare of any kind adopts technology to make the process as seamless as possible. I did, on my own, fill out the online paperwork through available on their website (PDF downloadable) and printed it out myself to bring in, which made the process quick as well. The day of the appointment went as smooth as well. I only had to sign an updated financial terms, as the one provided online was outdated, but other than that I sat down for a quick minute and was brought back right away. Not seeing a dentist in awhile, it went as a first patient appointment should have gone (X-rays, checking, cleaning, recommendations, and a consultation) in a timely manner. Follow for the next week was made, and it was made in a quick timely fashion with a financial breakdown and print out. Oh as well as the age-old dental goodie bag. Only recommendations from a first patient standpoint are as follows: 1.) Updated Financial Policies made available online 2.) Paperwork /online form to be filled out easily through a browser instead of a PDF format (Had to use a third party PDF editor) where it can it easily be imported into the EHR/PM software. 3.) Within the Appointment reminders via text or email direct to the online available resources

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Appointments available Tomorrow
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