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BEFORE COMING IN: PLEASE GO TO docintheloop.com to the Patient Resource Page. SEE IF I AM THE RIGHT DOCTOR FOR YOU.

My mission is to form a strong doctor-patient relationship, working together to promote health and prevent or diminish re occurrence of your challenging and persistent symptoms.

I am a Board-Certified Primary Care practitioner. MY STRENGTH COMES FROM MY BEING CURIOUS, RELAXED AND VERY REAL IN MY MANNER AS A PERSON. I also offer Convergent Therapeutic Services, like acupuncture, manual medicine and specially designed dietary, herbal and nutritional protocols.

I have strategically developed a platform of service based on the Micro-practice model so as to assure a more efficient system of patient care and a more dynamic and cohesive relationship with my patients. I make myself available for any questions you might have.

When you meet me at your first and subsequent visits, most of the time, I will be the first one you will see greeting you at the door! I can be very relaxed in my appearance and approach, but very intense and focused to help. I love to see my patients laugh because I think that it is healing. More and more doctors are foregoing the larger ancillary staff for the more personalized approach. At times there might be unforeseeable emergency calls. I appreciate your patience.

The waiting room has been specially designed to assure comfort and healing in every way possible. Simply put, it has been uniquely crafted to help you begin your exploration and journey into healing. Be prepared to work as a partner along with me in successfully approaching your healthcare needs.
If you are coming for a second opinion after seeing a general practitioner, I will be of service, but please fill out the ROI form on the RESOURCE PAGE. THANKS.

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