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Rajesh Mehra


Primary Care Doctor

I admit I was frustrated by this visit. I had faxed in paperwork to have filled out for my FMLA coverage and was informed that I would need to be seen in the office since I had not been in for anything since Oct 31,2016. I agreed to come in for a yearly physical and to have blood drawn so I needed to fast. I went in for the appt. and they drew the blood but then they seemed confused that I thought I was having a physical done. I explained that was the agreement that had been struck on the phone by the nurse who contacted me because they could/would not fill out the paperwork till they saw me. By the time this all came to a head I had already been there for 45 minutes and did not have the time to hang around to do the physical when they finally said well we can do it now. So now I have no paperwork to hand in and I have to go back again for this physical before they will fill out my paperwork which I have to submit by 05/16/17 or I have to re submit for new paperwork with an extended deadline. Majorly frustrated by being told one thing then having them tell me to my face that I misunderstood the conversation that I had with the nurse. This is not the first such .....misunderstanding. In addition I have lost 125 lbs over the last couple of years. I stand 5ft 2 and weigh 140 and yet every time I see this Dr. he writes obese on my form. This never fails to piss me off.

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4437 Brookfield Corporate Drive, Suite 109ChantillyVA20151
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