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Michael J. Streitmann


Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor

I called in the afternoon to see if I could make sure the appointment I scheduled that afternoon, in fact, could be accepted. I was desperate for a dermatologist for my non-healing impetigo on my face that I have had for 3 weeks. Caroline told me he was a plastic surgeon but would ask if he could see me or would it be best to see the esthetician. It was best to see him he said as he thought I had probably been prescribed the wrong antibiotic 3 weeks ago with another doctor. I arrived a few minutes late due to rush hour traffic and was worried about missing the appointment as it was a Friday afternoon and what doctor accepts a late new patient who set the appt that afternoon? The small office was welcoming and right away I filled out the papers and waited for an assistant or nurse to come to the door of the waiting room and call me to go to the exam room...I mean that is what every office does right? Well in no time, I was called but was pleasantly surprised it was the actual doctor with my folder calling for me! Wow! That was so caring and nice! Very comfortable to talk to and very quick to diagnose without a wait or having to go through the tediousness of having to be weighed and pre-examined by an assistant. Although I had to self pay due to not being on insurance yet with a new job, I was able to get a prescription and fill it. I look forward to going back to get a consultation from him for plastic surgery when I can. I am sure he is excellent at making people feel beautiful as he did today!

Appointments available Tue, Jul 2
4015 Interstate 45 North, Suite 210ConroeTX77304
Appointments available Tue, Jul 2
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Appointments available Tue, Jun 18
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Appointments available Tue, Jun 18
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