Dr. Joan Lavender Psychologist

145 W 96 St, Suite 1E
New York, NY 10025

Declaración práctica

PLEASE NOTE: I WORK WITH OUT OF NETWORK INSURANCE COVERAGE AS WELL AS OUT OF POCKET. I am a contemporary psychotherapist/psychologist with a broad training in psychodynamic, experiential and relational approaches as well as psychotherapy research. I've learned that relating to someone solely in terms of his or her symptoms or diagnosis will never speak to the uniqueness of any individual. I know that it's not so easy to “just get over it”, or “put the past behind you”. Getting "in touch" with yourself is a process that I can show you. My aim is to convey a sense of comfort, thoughtfulness and responsiveness, no matter what you share with me, from our first to our final session. Personally, I'm a loyal, straightforward person with a droll sense of humor. See my website for a list of the issues I treat.


  • Psychologist
  • Psychotherapist

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    145 W 96 St, Suite 1E

    New York, NY 10025